General Information

Equestrian Center Manager

If you encounter any hazards on our trails, please report it to Butch Bolterman, Equestrian Center Manager, by email, or call the Equestrian Center at 821-3960.  Please do not contact the trail crew members directly. Butch will see that the proper action is taken as well as update this site with the pertinent information regarding the current condition of the trail.

2018 Board

President:                          Peggy Bergman-Smith    661-331-4995

1st. Vice President:           Doug Slavin                     661- 805-7707

2nd. Vice President:          Kathy Burns                     626-710-2981 

Secretary:                           Susan Mustaffa                661- 538-0995

Treasurer:                           Kathy Underwood            661-821-0122 

Equestrian Center Forms:

The following form needs to be filled out by everyone who rides the Bear Valley Springs trails.

To access the Equestrian Center Release of Liability form click below:

Equestrian Center Release of Liability form

Sign up to recieve information and help in case of emergencies.  To access the Explanation of the Equine Emergency Plan and to sign up click below:

Explanation of the Equine Emergency Plan

Registration Form for inclusion in the Equine Emergency Plan